About Us


Since 2002 MedAltus has been a leading e-commerce retailer of luxury skincare products to help you feel and look beautiful.

We sell a diverse line of skincare products through our premier site askderm.com as well as newderm a multi-marketplace e-commerce platform with storefronts on Amazon.com, Amazon.ca, Amazon.mx, Amazon.cn, eBay, and Walmart.

We value our customers, vendors, and employees for all playing a pivotal role in our success.  Thank you to our customers for putting your faith in us as a trusted place to shop, and to our vendors for choosing us as a trusted partner for your brand.


For Consumers:

You have an abundance of options for choosing their skincare regardless of the marketplace. We differentiate ourselves by:

  • Providing outstanding customer service
  • Offering top quality skincare products and beauty devices
  • Always being competitively priced
  • Fast shipping


For Manufacturers:

For Manufacturers:  You have two distinct sales platforms from which to resell your product line:

  • askderm.com a Google Trusted store with a 5-star rating from over 500 customer reviews.
  • newderm an Amazon Seller Fulfilled Prime store with over 2,700 5-star ratings from Amazon customers since 2002.

Our leadership

Toni Jacobson

President & Majority Owner

Toni's passion for helping small to midsize businesses motivates her ownership of Medaltus. A lifetime of service to wellness-oriented business is evident in the ways she steers Medaltus year after year.

As President, Toni guides the overall direction of Medaltus, and oversees all commercial, financial, legal and HR activities.

A certified yoga instructor, Toni continuously seeks improvement through calm, a philosophy that serves Medaltus well as we grow the business.

Say hello to Toni at tjacobson@medaltus.com 

Ashley Wilcox

Vice President of Operations & Minority Owner

Ashley recently celebrated her 10th year with Medaltus! Having begun her career in a Customer Service role, her first focus is and has always been to serve the customer, whether that be our fabulous brand partners or an askderm customer looking for a little guidance.

As Vice President of Operations, Ashley oversees the execution of all brand partnerships, marketing, customer service and logistics.

Say hello to Ashley at awilcox@medaltus.com 

Josh Carter

Vice President & CFO

Josh began his career with Medaltus in 2012, assisting the COO with financials and business analytics. His passion is helping entrepreneurs achieve their goals, through detailed planning, testing assumptions, and using data to make adjustments along the way.

As Vice President & CFO, Josh oversees the companies finances, risk management, and strategic initiatives.

Say hello to Josh at jcarter@medaltus.com 

Medaltus Leadership

Medaltus Leadership